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Toilet scenes is something the amateurs brought to porn. No doubt about that. Years ago, when camcorders became cheap enough for the man on the street to buy one, it took only a few months for countless tapes to be circulated, and almost all those tapes featured amateur couples - young and old - getting it on in public restrooms, in cinemas, restaurants and countless other places. Maybe it’s not the most hygienic of places, but it certainly makes for a unique atmosphere. And let’s not forget about the thrill of possibly being discovered!
And then there are the various applications of the toilet theme. From those classic glory hole movies over to fetish stuff, the toilet has conquered the realm of porn the same way other sceneries have before it. And just as those backdrops will stay part of the business, so will this one. After all a lot of other niche erotica is being produced in conjunction with it. From spycams hastily installed in some corner to webcam girls turning every visit into money. And who would we be to judge? RedTube delivers you professional videos as well as true amateur porn, compilation vids and candid snapshots directly from their our community archives.