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Oh, the age old allure of uniforms. Whole few girls used to be able to withstand the young men in straight cut garments, exuding discipline and confidence. There used to be a time when mothers would tell their daughters still in school that they couldn’t go wrong with a man in uniform. Maybe it was the sense of authority that those outfits conveyed, maybe it’s the cultural context, but we can say for sure that a man wearing one is simply a whole different man without one.
In porn most of its appeal is nested within the former case. It’s a plot device used to instigate a sexual encounter - most often one of clear cut domination and submissiveness. Some movies focus on the person in the formal attire to dish out punishment or to dominate the sexual act, while other movies have the protagonists switch roles throughout the scene, resulting in rather exciting and thrilling porn basically anyone can enjoy.
And then there is the whole fetish aspect of it. The Japanese have their erotic cabarets featuring old German uniforms (not a joke by the way), and in recent years - and the rise of new materials such as latex - genres such as femdom have become even better with sexy mistresses clad in hot costumes of all kind.