How to give women squirting orgasms

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FROM Unknown
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Oh....... My........ God......... This can't be real. I would marry that guy, seriously. Infinite orgasms for the rest of my life? Yes plz!!!

Why do you need a guy for this... it's easy enough to do you're self

Limosul 2 years ago

[Comment Deleted]

nasko 2 years ago

[Comment Deleted]

lol looks kinda like an exorcism...

I once fingered a girl so hard she shat down my arm

Is it an orgasm or an epileptic issue? Wow.

Anonymous 2 years ago


Anonymous 2 years ago


Anonymous 2 years ago


is this lady retarded?

Anyone know how to get minecraft mods?

(1) She's squirting the oil (2) At 5:20 he kisses her and says "I connected it to this". It's a post-hypnotic suggestion; that is what triggers her orgasm. The fingering does nothing. It's just hypnosis.

It's probably fake but you're an imbecile.

Wish someone could do this to me

lol seriously funny stuff.Got himself a squirter and makes out he's an expert and it's all down to his experteaseing. Dig chicks that can let go anf let the juices flow.

this is where babies are born<br /> lol

anyone want to do his to me?xxxx

I wanna :)

NICE, about time (PORN) teaches something useful to men~ other than cum on their face! @ REALLY ANGRY just like every man doesn't cum the same way some women like *** unication is really the KEY~!!

She looks high as fuck

She has such an amazing pussy

I've always wanted this done to me

i can do it for you ;)

what a nice pussy

Ok, so where are the rest of the videos? I want to learn this :)

Can ALL girls squirt?

plz!!! i need this guy!

That's really simple you know! do it yourself and try this ;)

saaas how can I do it to myself?

I want to marry him

this is real one... not that fake moan from porn star...

She has a truly beautiful pussy.

mmmm i love sqirtingg.

So basically, us heavy metal fans who have been doing this with our hands just apply it to the bedroom...easy enough.

heres the full video adf .ly/15QaWY

Ah yes, this masterclass is a classic. Take notes all of you men who need to know.

did it to a girl a couple of times, she enjoyed it. I love women come like this

great video, already do this tho with my cock

You the man ! I tried this out at 5 am on my wife . She squirted big time but was afraid to let go . Still getting loving looks a week later . Where did you learn to do this while all the rest of us thought the clit was the trigger point ?. This is my new secret weapon

I want to try this out with a hot pussy!

is this a good idea if my girlfriend is a virgin?

I love this video. I have never had a squirting orgasm but i would love to. No guy has ever tried to take the time. Hope to experience it one day. This video helps alot.

Just tried it on my girl, it was fucking amazing, she was having orgasm after orgasm, even she couldn't tell when one would stop and one would begin, I made her beg for me to stop, and even then, I almost didn't :p

Really cool dreamcatcher, i like that first one from the left side :P

Its like a fucking exorcism

i need this man hahahahahaha

Someone please tell me who that guy is!! And does he have more how to videos??

I'll do it to you girls and not only by fingers, add me )

♥ Best video ever! ♥

.... i can do this use my cock...

He pulled the vadge out of her

Probably best video, very helpful, for more advices of giving orgasms visit adf(dot)ly/6GVYJ

Someone do this to me ? :)

He mentioned that this was two weeks of preparation. Does anyone know where I can get this info? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I love this guy!!!

She is good reminds me of Cytherea... one long orgasm you go girl

I make my girl cum all the time!

OMG im souuu gona try this with my bf

Okay, this is what I need it my life!! ^-^

Need someone to try this on me

jzjjajjaja poor women,her´first squirting its funny and exciting xD

I adore this phenomenon. So hot to see a girl writhing and innocently open. As a man you know to stay in your own sensation and be there for her every moment. They say, if a girl has visible dimples in her back, she can most certainly squirt. I always loved dimples, even more so now...

Why would she need to pee at the end of her 'performance'. She already pissed twice !

This really works!

Love to watch women have real orgasms

His name is Steve P, his videos are at *** and *** . It's $317 for 4 dvd's. Is it worth it?I think it might be.

This kind of orgasm happened to me once during sex, but not much on the squirting scale. I pretty much passed out on top of the guy. My current BF always tries to do this on me, but it never has worked. What is this preparation the guy mentions at the beginning?! I wanna know soooo bad.

I have the full 36:50 video of this. Amazing stuff! This is the only porn video I have ever wanted to pay for after watching it. Does anyone know anything about the creator? PLEASE Message me if you know how I can buy this legitimately. I won't be uploading the video out of respect to the creator at this time.

Dude what the fuck, I tried this, it didn't work at all, she fucking told me to leave. I was like, "LITTLE JIMMY WANT ME TO BE A GOOOOOOD R TRUTH" DON'T BOO ME, YOU SHOULD BE BOOIN' YOUSELVES

Have to try this now :)

All these years of watching porn just paid off. Big time. Thank you.

Her face, just priceless.

i am so wet now i wish he could do this to me

After watching this video i tried it on my wife a few times and it *** she begs me to do it to her and will do anything i want

Someone needs to try this with me plz! :)

and she came everywhere properly squirting, all over me my bed it was hot man. took less than 5 mins that tym! try this on your girlfriends she will love you. it wont happen first time but be persistant, the reward is more than worth it

I had a girl that erupted like a geyser when she came! Soaked my entire bed

i love having squirting orgasms :)

This is a reply to Kdon27, "For selfless men, obviously. Unless it can be worked in during sex." What the fuck do you call a girl giving head? You think we get pleasure out of that?

Did this couple make any other videos. Did a great job on explaining. After having my husband watch this video I was able to have my first squirting orgasms. Thanks for your help.

Wow! This might sound crazy but before tonight I had never had a g-spot orgasm. Then I saw this video and decided to try it like you describe it. Thanks to you I not only had my first g-spot orgasm but had 4 back to back!

I wish someone could make me squirt

Makes you many times have I passed up that gorgeous pussy because of that mediocre face?

how can I do it to myself with my one fingers ?

She looked drugged as fuck

Verified User

oh what a shit _? ı want this,ı want this feel my side,ı dont beliveeee.....very good

I need one of these 2xs a day !

Verified User

I try that on my wife. She got really horny.

First vid I watched on here... that was 6 years ago... damn...

Its a long time dude :D

cool, nice squirter ;) check me out babes

it took me two years to make my women experience this. lots of role play, licking, sucking and kissing.... alot of build up to this...not a simple up and down....

I want one...hope my next lover can accomodate...

shit i'm losing my mind only watching this

I'll bring here my wife to make her informed about my wishes....

can women squirt through clitoral stimulation as well? I know i do

Wow,thats impressive,wouldent mind having an orgasm like that myself one day!

I liked very much, I'll do it with a girl I'm having sex!

made my girl squirt the same way!

I was pretty damn surprised at how well this worked.

Grape oil works better, and it's healthy for the interior wall of the vagina. I know two other techniques that work better and more pleasureful. :p

wow, he's cute too!

never get tired of this video.

Absolutely amazing

get married with me, please

very goog ..... exelent .....

It's pretty simple to do really. Obviously women have quirky differences physiologically, but outside of that, it's the same motion in the ocean to get them to orgasm. Not all of them have squirted for me, but the majority have.

This a MUST try & its something new ;-)

My girl is a natural squirter. I need to have her watch this so I can get in on the fun too ;)

Electric shock? lmao

So want to try this on someone to see if it really works

Someone come try it with me ;)

Gentlemen, here is a guide on how the girls have orgasms. Now you are ready.

this nice but ive been doen it to girls wen i was *** ing a blow job has been my *** r cum till i was 25 from a blowy

Does anyone know this guys name or which DVD series this is from??? Please help ;) xox

@ Serra_80 i would but i live in australia, but i would love to cam with you

MAN! THIS VID IS AMAZING. watched it with my girlfriend then we tried it. first 2/3 times dind't work, i suppose i got kinda tired trying with this not happening. any way, few weeks later i was licking her out and she was getting pretty turned on so i fort i'd try again. within 10 minutes she came all over my hand not squirting like this tho. i tried again

@Looking4Love Yes this will happen to your girlfriend, if you have her wet enough like in ^vid^ your girlfriend will "seem a bit retarded" too XD

No offence , but the women seems a bit retarded , is this going to happen to my girlfriend, when she has an orgasm ? ROFL

Syd said, women are not interested in giving men a BJ. This might be your personal opinion, but majority of the women love to suck dick, just like men love to suck on the women's vagina, AKA PUSSY ;)

My goood ! i love this guy ! C= !

I want that on my pussy!!!

Yeah, this works, did it with my ex

seen this vid before... it's been couple of years i guess.... good pussy job though.

it's soooooooo beautiful when a woman orgasms =) but i'd like to know what are the previous preparation stuff this video mentioned at the start?

great demonstration. i make my girl squirt like this all the timee

Practice dose make perfect sex. One of the best explanations and demonstrations I have seen !

This is so very correct ! very few men will listen but this is perfect. The body spasms are off the charts from just being breathed near. thank you for highlighting hydration migraine later sucks. Again again again is all you will hear out of me then i generally pass out shivering and quivering with loss of liquid to regulate body heat.

what kind of oil do you use? or can u use?

what kind of oil?

shit.. i bet this guy is popular with the ladies!!

who cares if the woman gets off?

Thanks, I tried this out with my gf and it actually worked! Looks like woman sure love this! ;)

Does anyone know where this clip is from? I'm looking for the whole video

that”s real!!!And is working...I had that and I have,and is really amazing!I think that each woman deasearve to feel that and each men has to know to give to his partener *** just to take the own pleasure!Congratulation for posting this video....Thank you!

white tiger tantra, this guy is in the end of DVD1. have yet to experience this with a girl, but i am very eager to try it. thanks for the video.

How do I get in touch with this guy? I need him to give my BF a few pointers. Lol.

A lovely and well-made video, instructive and very hot. I hope you have more like this one.

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