“Farrah Abraham Sex Tape”

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qtxoxo 3 years ago

Hands down, creepiest commentary ever. The dude she's with is a freak! Clearly he's a dom. Btw, who is the guy in this video?

Energytwo 3 years ago

Automatic huge bonus points for standing anal. What a great looking butt.

nocturnalbloom 3 years ago

She IS hot. I don't understand all of the slut-shaming about her. Bitches need to chill out and leave her alone. It's an amazing scene with lots of chemistry between her and James. She's beautiful!

p-dubb 3 years ago

she is hot. What an amazing video...

Simba78 3 years ago

Niezły filmik ;)

SlamuKitty 3 years ago

Oh my God Farrah you backdoor anal ass to mouth whore! So proud of you for making your porno with James Deen! This cunt is so fucking dumb & like Kim Kardashian has got the ugliest cry & is so vain!Fuck she's so dumb she probably really didn't know who Jimmy Deen is nor how many porno sluts and whores he's fucked and how much at risk she is of catchi

bummerluck 3 years ago

water break!

DPmyGirl 3 years ago

teen mom the show

69Babe 3 years ago

fuck, her pussy looks so fucking good.

sudhipathak 3 years ago

She hired him

Jonnyboy6969 3 years ago

She is considered a celebrity because of teen mom.

goofman 3 years ago

Anal is all one's good for.

jakes954 3 years ago

wow i cant believe she did it, what a disgrace to her mom and to her poor daughter.

augman 3 years ago

That girl is dumber than a bag of hair. If she didn't have a cunt she'd be completely worthless.

Surfdoc 3 years ago

Worthless waste of tape

dukeballa 3 years ago

and even tho ive never been able to sit through an entire painful episode, i do remember her. easily the hottest one on the show

dukeballa 3 years ago

farrah was on teen mom at one point... that is why she is "famous"

buzzlenny 3 years ago

She is very cute

cumm95 3 years ago

she is hot

Darescrewswell 3 years ago

Did she really think people would believe this was a leaked sex tape. Stupid girl

MarlonBoy 3 years ago

I swear I wanna fuck my girlfreind as hard as thiss..

xxxDEZxxx 3 years ago


plancamsexe 3 years ago


1ostas 3 years ago

Farrah Abraham is a backdoor crowd pleaser for sure ... because there was such intense, pent-up interest in her sex tape, it crashed a few porn site servers.

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