“Beautiful girls making out”

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Skyscraper123 5 years ago

I don't know if I cummed but I certainly cried. This is so beautiful, sensual, graceful and extremely passionate. These two girls are either fantastic actresses or a real life couple in love. The need to please and satisfy each other instead of themselves is in full view here. This isn't sex. It's love. This isn't porn. It's art!

shazia-slut 3 years ago

OI need theses girl to make passionate love with me I"m so wet

Angie. 4 years ago

32:30 was my favorite part. So much passion between them... <3

Fucking_A 4 years ago

Too good to be real!

DiLove 5 years ago

Is there a better pass time than kissing? hellllllllll noooooooooo

GothGirlGlasgow 2 years ago

Godddddd i'm fucking soaked.

ufcc27 2 years ago

Love both

MzPassionateLover 4 years ago


hotrod69guy 4 years ago

slow and steady rocks te boat, now I want to rock a boat out of water with my mouth also dam that was hot

ingeve 4 years ago

This is sooooo real!

OlyGo 2 years ago

Soo horny right now

NaughtyKinkyisBack 2 years ago

just had my 1st experience and im still dripping , i wish i cud wake up with her ...

tuffie2 3 years ago

This is so Sensual,erotic, Tender & Romantic. I Love Georgia Jones, I Would Love to Eat Their Pussy's Like a Large Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cone One Long Slow Lick at a time.!!!!.. Be sure to check out my 63 pages of Favorite's Over A Million all ready have, you'll be Glad You Did.!!!!

st_dot_elsewhere 3 years ago

One of my favorite fantasies is for my girlfriend to do this with one of her friends, Then cum back to me, all messed up and wet and get into my bed where we fuck like crazy and I eat her like she is perfect meat!

charrspanker 3 years ago

*** video on redtube

Hornyslut80 3 years ago

damn my pussy is wet, so passionate, I'd love to eat both their pussy's right now

Sophie 3 years ago


ilovethisish 4 years ago

hot video! so wet right now

lunaxxx 4 years ago


matthewmole123 4 years ago


st_dot_elsewhere 4 years ago

I want to get someone to eat my girlfriend like that while I fuck our guest from behind. I wonder how long I'd last because when I see my girlfriend's cum face I cum too!

elizabeths 4 years ago

this never fails to get me off. the sound of her slurping whilst giving head is my favourite sound

Dirty_Boy 4 years ago

Not only the views, but my dick is up too

ZzyzxArmani 4 years ago

fucking HOTT!!!!

zizi4935 4 years ago

This is very sexy

Lotty17 4 years ago

so hot came so many times

Ace_Dude 4 years ago

Holy fuck that was fucking hot.

mnbrspoa 4 years ago

omg they are so hot

RayrayPerez 4 years ago

Lipstick lesbians are theee best lol. Mwah!

slut69 4 years ago

This is hot!!!

soccergirl__ 4 years ago

love it!

katyl0ve 4 years ago

love it, so cute!

nulek1968 4 years ago

girls are very white and cute

pwatcher3 4 years ago

i would do some naughty things to Georgia Jones

mznastie 4 years ago

Damn I like this video!

greenjedi123 4 years ago

ah made me cum

thefucker1908 4 years ago

sooo wet. add me!

milletman 4 years ago

fuckin amazing

bee26 4 years ago

best video i have ever seen.. Georgia Jones is A-Amazing!!!!!

lady_dnb 4 years ago

I <3 Georgia Jones.. She is amazing.. beautiful.. I would like girl like she :)

kathwantssomelesbi 4 years ago

fuck that makes me so hot ....

bigirlshavefun 4 years ago

favorite lesbian scene =)

cray_girl 4 years ago

ahh so amazing!

Ijustjizzedmypants 4 years ago

36:57 of pure heaven

HottieMelissa 4 years ago

So amazing girl <3

TeenLesbian 4 years ago

i love min: 28:40/29:00

MakeMyPussyDrip 4 years ago

I love it!

NomiBubblz 4 years ago

Perfect. Proof that not every woman needs something rammed inside of her to get her O's. I'd give it 10 stars if I could!!!

OKguy22 4 years ago

i need some popcorn

VenteConmigo 5 years ago

wow that was beautiful

jdog79 5 years ago

she really gets her tongue deep into her pussy wish it was me

shankey2311 5 years ago

so erotic and sensual....

miniskirtmoana 5 years ago


tinyambitionsxxx 5 years ago

♥ Love This ,

LadyJustineH 5 years ago

OMS. They look perfect.

loirinha22 5 years ago

I love you Georgia Jones <3

fuckbymeder 5 years ago

hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii madarchodniya

DiLove 5 years ago

fucking awesome vid. i don't know if that good at acting or if it's real passion-looks so to me-but fucking awesome. nice, SLOW & SWEET

Anonymous 5 years ago

nice vid 5 stars check out my page :)

FourLeafClover 5 years ago

Sluuuurrrppp That Daammnn Pussy Baabbyy!~

kylelewislewis 5 years ago

wow thats really hot

jxgmichaels 5 years ago


MeatBeater 5 years ago

damn fine!

annamaus 5 years ago

best lesbian scene ever

Hotpussylicker 5 years ago

They need to learn how to eat pussy FFS

sexyxxxx101 5 years ago

Love it

cheapdimewhore 5 years ago

Very sexy and hot

horny4you27 5 years ago

Both girls are very hot, ide love to join in with my cock !

girl2602 5 years ago

Id love to have my pussy eaten like that

longstroke 5 years ago


lezsex 5 years ago

delicious !!

brad3120 5 years ago

GREAT video! Very sexy!!

jolly.anna 5 years ago

I love this video! It's so romantic and sexy! And I'm in love with Georgia Jones, OMG <3

Hornygirl33 5 years ago


kerli 5 years ago

soo nice video, i like it:)

girlalone 5 years ago

mmm this is sooo sexy

N33dPuss13s 5 years ago

wow, i want to eat Georgia's pussy while she calls me a bitch

Cadista85 5 years ago

so romantic... It's not only sex, It's love, kisses... I love this video... incredible

brokenbox 5 years ago

I can't stop to watch this video!!! it's so fucking hot!!, especially Georgia, I'm not tired this girl!

valenpintos 5 years ago

OMG she's so cuteeeee!!!! *** #!/xoGeorgiaJones

valenpintos 5 years ago

This is the best video!!! You know,it's not only sex,i mean,this video is sooo lovely! And the long haired girl it's beautiful.

xXArch_AngelXx 5 years ago

Aww, soo romantic! This is why Im a lesbian. Lovely :)

redgirl40 5 years ago

I agree,one of the best lesbian videos on here.. love it! mmmm

PornXXGirls 5 years ago

if any1 wants a baby den cAl *** help u

Xplorateur 5 years ago

Really hot video!. This is the best lesbian video I've seen in Redtube so far. A jewelry piece.

MsMewMew 5 years ago

So sensual and beautiful...sigh.

jjennyblanco 5 years ago

Im in love with that long haired girl, whats her name??

PinkMoon 5 years ago


meyouhimandhotfun 5 years ago

so fucking hot! i'm so wet and horny right now because of this hot, sexy, gorgeous, passionate play. god, i'm aching for a delicious pussy soaking 69 for the next few hours. and then followed up by a nice hot fucking from a hard bodied guy with a big cock. the *** delicious!

cameron40 5 years ago

very hot very hot

stelistu9209 5 years ago

amazing *** beautiful

Bortexxx 5 years ago

Really nice moves out there girls, nice quality too btw....

iamtooohot 5 years ago

<3 in love

xCandiex 5 years ago

So sexy & very passionate <3 (;

biregispark 5 years ago

the best vid ever.. it shows how it always should beee!

PenisVagina 5 years ago

Why do we see so few mixed couples making love like this???

nonstop 5 years ago


Lesbianpimp 5 years ago

Hi! This is soooo great! Who are these girls and from what movie this scene is???

Hazardous3some 5 years ago

mmmmm best les video

Cihan6453 5 years ago


WantingMore 5 years ago

wow...reminds me of my high school days....love!

YuriCynthia 5 years ago

God that looks so inviting~

boobies.08 5 years ago

ohhhh.........ssssssssssssssexy hot chicks wanna fuck!!! mMMmmmMmmMMMmnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn...............whhhhhhat a BODY..... yum....

sarahsexy 5 years ago

Sooooooooooooo sexy, hit me up through a message for some dirty talk ;)

xXx__Bransi__xXx 5 years ago

best video so far! <3

sexy_kitty12345 5 years ago

i love lessies :3

Bisexualteen93 5 years ago


bigtiger17 5 years ago

not sure what guys fascination is to watch two girls get it on???? unless ur getting lessons of what they like--and how they turn each other on--from what i know they usually end up using a dildo on each other or a strap on so they do want cock! just not usually the macho asshole attached to the cock!!! lol

mariorzeznik 5 years ago

best video, super sexy!

Swimboy93 5 years ago

damn hot!

sanchez93 5 years ago

you're sooo SEXY SEXY SEXY!!! (remember the song?)

Cihan6453 5 years ago

Very Like Foot mmm Very Like Pussy Very Like Ass MmMMmMmMm My Cum

Mixandmatch 5 years ago

fantastic vid

soccergirl__ 5 years ago

OMG! so fucking horny! Me Likes!

Cihan6453 5 years ago

Ooovv Very Like....

XxXGridironXxX 5 years ago

damn sexi girls here :P

rockso1000 5 years ago


Manny 5 years ago

i love lesbians BYAAAHHH

N33dPuss13s 5 years ago

omg, i reeeally wanna fuck these 2 girls right now! Or maybe some1 could fuck me right now, im so horny

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