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After spending thousands of hours sorting through what seems endless streams of hardcore porn we have come to the conclusion, and judging from our sample size we know what we are talking about, that in fact there is no such thing as one hair color being hotter than the other. Brunettes might come to mind first simply because most of our lovely ladies sport the tawny hair, but no man in his right mind would judge one woman to be prettier than another simply by the color of her scalp.
Now of course there is a such a thing as having a type, but it would be ludicrous of us to propose one thing factually better than another. So let’s not get in a row here over what kind of slut is the better lay. Let us instead celebrate the richness and diversity with which we are being presented, and let’s cherish the wonderful possibilities this gives us. Threesomes with wonderfully contrasting women, blonde and auburn colored waves of hair framing the close up during the deepthroat and ball licking. And that’s just one scenario. For more you will have to see for yourself, you will not be disappointed. RedTube simply got the best brunettes from across the globe.