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For as long as porn existed, cum shots existed as well. Hundreds of years ago even the Marquis de Sade wrote about them. Quite crudely I might add. In any case, the money shot is usually the definite climax of a porn scene, gay or otherwise. Many people have debated the meaning of it, whether it’s about degrading the recipient or ‘marking’ her in some form. Many sex educators, authors and columnists argued in favor of visible ejaculation. It might be a bit degrading, but maybe that’s why it is so hot. And maybe that way people at home can be a little bit of a pornstar themselves. Others think that by simply ejaculating on somebody’s face, ass or stomach, the model is being dehumanized, a simple canvas for the male actor to throw his semen on.
RedTube will not participate in such a debate - that is simply not why we are here. We are here to deliver hours and hours of the best porn scenes ever made, directly into your browser window. So lean back and enjoy the most popular models and actors crowning their performances with a variety of cum shots - be it facials on petite Asians or huge loads on ebony tits. And also check our archives for the latest compilation clips and galleries, because our users never stop uploading, especially the fancy stuff like footjobs and amateur pov blowjobs.