Blair Williams Shows off MAD Deepthroat Skills in this Exclusive FULL Scene from Throated!

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Where would the porn business be without its stars. What would we be doing without the Jennas, the Roccos or the Lisas. But what does it take to become a pornstar? To become so infamous you are able to transcend the business and move freely between mainstream and porn world? And think about the careers they had, starting with small car sex scenes, ending up in big budget productions a few years later. But what made someone like Sasha Grey have so different from the other girls she worked with? Well, one thing would be the willingness to absolutely do anything it takes. Taking it up the ass is one thing, but to take it up the ass while someone is stepping on your face and punch you at the same time is quite a different thing altogether. Shoving a butt plug up your sphincter seems run of the mill to most of us. So how about high octane double penetration fucks? Yeah, we thought so.
But women aren’t the sole bearers of the ‘bigger, faster, better’ paradigm. The men have to be well hung, spend hours every day at the gym to look like carved in stone and maintain erections throughout even the weirdest positions, scenes and dialogues. And they all have to be part firetruck, because if that cumshot is bad then the entire scene is ruined. So all in all it is only fair to assume that while being a pornstar certainly has its advantages, it’s also a damn hard job.