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It is a curious thing, the crotch. Some like it natural, with pubic hair sprouting everywhere, while some like it well kept and trimmed. And some like it shaved. No matter what your tastes are, no one in his right mind will argue that one thing is better than the other. As with so many things in porn, pubic hair is entirely a matter of taste and appeal. Forget the Lolita arguments of people who oppose the full brazilian, and ignore the wild growth accusations of those who are in favor of it. Pubic hair styles have become a thing of fashion nowadays, so why not enjoy your favorite star waxed and shiny in one video and with a landing strip the next. Or give the old bikini wax a chance, too!
But we digress, without a doubt you have come here for a reason. You are a connoisseur, someone who can appreciate the pleasing sight or bare lips as they are spread apart during sex. Someone who almost drinks in the beauty of the female crotch, accompanied by lingerie or plain. And of course we are here to serve. So lean back and enjoy some of the most famous girls in porn and their shaved pussies as well as our hot amateur galleries, featuring bald pregnant snatches as well as creampied kittens from all around the world.