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Uniform Porn Videos (8,552)

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A lady in uniform can inspire a man to lust and insanity. While being well behaved on the job, these vivacious vixens have a deliciously dirty fantasy playing out in their heads as they work the most mundane of jobs. At, these fantasizes come to life when these wondrous and willing babes realize that you only live once. As the department store employee helps a gentleman find the tools he is looking for, she leads him to the back room and starts licking another sensuous tool. Before he comes, she slips his hard cock into her sopping pussy. This sales associate still bears her company logo and she gasps and moans, reaching orgasm just as the sale of a hot load is secured inside of her. Nothing is hotter than exploring the taboo of uniform sex. As the busty flight attendant catches the eye of a young man, she winks and points at the bathroom. Within minutes, in-flight fellatio has commenced as she licks his dick and strokes her clit at the same time. At, we love when company ladies take 'full service' to the next level.