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It can be part of foreplay, it can be the entire act. It can be done in a hurry, it can be done leisurely. It can be done to round things off, it can be done to heat things up. Vaginal masturbation can and should be as colorful, diverse and enjoyable as any other act of sex. If you ever meet a girl claiming she never masturbates, then you better drop it right there and run. You won’t have a good time with her, no way. If you meet a girl you can talk to about that, then you better listen, because you will learn a thing or two. And if you meet a girl who will talk about that stuff on her own, then my friend you’ve found yourself a keeper. Ask her as much as you can, ask her what she would do for some relief when she was just a solo girl. Let her show you all the ins and outs. Let her demonstrate. You find someone to share this level of intimacy with, you found someone for life. So get her pregnant and put a ring on that shit asap.
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