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The very definition of sex. Inserting the penis into the vagina for the sake of pleasure or even reproduction. Doesn’t sound all too difficult, right? Well, over the years mankind has come up with a huge array of sexual variants, styles, and deviations. But why is it that people always refer to sex - and most often that is vaginal sex - in so many colorful and varied ways? The most basic of needs, the most intimate of unions, and there is no language in this world that does not feature its own phrases for it. This is what people talk about, this is what people depict, film, photograph. This is why we exist, and this is why you are here. Sexual intercourse in its basic form, but nevertheless intimate, intense and beautiful.
No man forgets his first pussy. No woman forgets her first cock. After your first sexual intercourse nothing is the same anymore. Sure, we cannot make you relive that experience, but boy can we help your fantasy get you there. We host the hottest bodies, the most stunning girls, the most adorable pussies, the best sex. RedTube has it all - vaginal sex vids with straight, gay or bisexual actors.