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When you're dealing with a mega-slut like Capri Anderson, you're dealing with a bad-ass bitch, the type your mother warned you to stay away from. Consequently, she's pretty mu... Show more

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This young porn chick and professional skank got famous for calling the hotel security on her client, a coked-up Charlie Sheen, who ran rampage in the hotel room they both shared. Rumor has it that after an extended rendezvous on a restaurant toilet the sitcom star agreed to pay her twelve grand for the night and later got mad when his date refused to bang him before receiving her payment. And as a bonus, his one hundred thousand dollar watch had disappeared. In the end Charlie was arrested for wrecking the hotel room and Capri Anderson is threatening with a lawsuit for the lost twelve thousand bucks. Besides the scandal, Capri Anderson lets people do stuff to her for a living and started her porn career at the age of twenty. In interviews she has stated that the smell of freshly cut green grass turns her on and if she could, she would run around naked all the time, including in public. This would be an occasion to spot some of the small tattoos on her body but you may also get lucky next time you get to watch a video of her.